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Litecoin poster

Litecoin Poster

The text as returned by the getblock Litecoin API call, starting with a block of your choice, makes up this 13"x19" poster depicting the Litecoin logo.

When starting from the genesis block, the poster text is composed of 53,961 characters (not including any spaces or commas). It contains information detailing the first 111 blocks of the Litecoin blockchain.

All of our posters are printed on an HP Indigo 5600 Digital Press using Nekoosa SynapsOM synthetic paper which is waterproof, greaseproof and chemical resistant. The polyester film provides tear resistance, excellent dimensional stability, unmatched lay-flat characteristics, along with the look and feel of a luxury paper.

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You can enter a block height from which you would like your poster to start. If you leave this field blank, or enter 0, your poster will start from the genesis block (block 0).